Network Solution

UIT provide unified networking solution which enables anytime, anywhere, with secure communications throughout your company and across the network. The aim is to be achieved by its ability to bring core networking functions together, including Routing, Switching, WAN optimization and provide Internet services facilities in all Urban and Rural area across KSA.

UIT’s network solution end-to-end approach allows technical staff to manage the network centrally. With proper management, the network reliably connects all local and remote employees and provides them with on demand access that adapts to current and future business needs by:

  • Providing professional & secure services, according to the client requirement to resolve problem/issues.
  • Expert in Network cables management, service include provide and mange cables (Fiber, UTP etc.)
  • Delivering complete real-time voice and video solution, (Deploy A/V setup in Meeting Room, Lobby, Auditorium etc.)
  • Helping to ensure access to information and resources from anywhere.
  • Reducing operating expenses.
  • Helping to Design Network Diagram, helping to create LLD & HLD documents.