Your mobile app will work perfectly on both IOS &       Android platforms, featuring everything your business needs. We provide custom solutions via business-critical software integrations. This allows Origin Apps to cater for each and every specific business model.


A professional business needs a professional app….

what are mobile apps?

In today’s modern world, customers are more m`world.

Mobile technology is one of the biggest advantages open to businesses today, and mobile and progressive apps are at the forefront of this trend. Apps are the key to attracting and retaining customers, especially in a time where people are searching online with a large percentage accessing the internet through their mobile devices. In fact, according to Responsys, as many as 70% of consumers found all types of push notifications to be valuable.

The benefits to your business are as follows:

  • Reinforces the Identity of Your Brand

  • Increases Visibility and Accessibility

  • Increases Online Sales

  • Provides Maximum Exposure Across Multiple Devices

  • Builds Your Client Base

  • Serves As a Direct Marketing Channel

our process

Every app goes through five stages of development starting with an initial meeting and brief followed by graphic designs and screens for the app. This then leads into wireframe designs or a graphical prototype which the client then signs off on. Once an app is approved, our team will begin building the infrastructure and framework. We build for both Android and iOS using a range of technologies including Xcode, Android Studio & React for Native applications and Cordova, Ionic and Xamarin for hybrid solutions.

Once the app is built, it will enter the QA and testing phase. The app undergoes rigorous testing, and a demo is made available to the client for feedback purposes. Any tweaks are made at this stage, and any bugs ironed out before the final build sign-off from the client. Once the app is built, it is submitted for publication on both the Apple and Google Play Stores. This process is in the hands of the stores and can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Finally, maintenance and hosting of the app begins as does any marketing campaigns intended to promote the app. A regular maintenance contract is drawn up as apps require more maintenance than websites. Software updates, new version releases and review management are all covered. For hosting, we use state of the art Amazon servers as they are renowned in the industry for reliability and security – please note that hosting costs will vary depending on several factors.