​The menus in a list of the dishes to be eaten at a given meal in a certain arrangement. The menu, as it describes the available items, offers the price and contribution margin as well as a powerful commercial tool, is central to the foodservice definition articular. It fulfils the need for consumers to be knowledgeable about food, how it is prepared and presented and at what cost. Besides, the dishes are presented in a logical order, usually listing menu items under course headings and making it easy to follow the menu. It gives the consumer freedom of choice. This menu demonstrates the restaurant’s overall picture and​       theme. It is also a way to encourage sales by explaining the dishes that appeal to the guest properly. The menu must be descriptive, precise, understandable and well crafted to serve all of these functions efficiently. A restaurant manager must ensure that things on the menu are always available as specified, as a guest’s decision to only say that the meal is not available or to receive a dish not as mentioned frustrates. Our hands are secure to perfect designs for your menu. We’re assured that we’ve built the right menu for you whether it be Ala carte or anything else.